Wish You Were Here Mystery Postcard Puzzle Game by Enigma Emporium

  • $15.00

Wish You Were Here is a mystery puzzle to solve by yourself or with a group of friends. Five mysterious postcards arrive, and you must decipher the clues on each card to solve the mystery. Each card contains a series of clues, riddles, ciphers, codes and puzzles. An experienced detective might solve the mystery in two hours - I am a beginner and it took me close to 6 hours with some help from the hints from the game designer. Blowback is the continuation of game and will be available soon.
1 new sealed envelope containing the 5 postcards
postcards are brand new
postcards measure 4" x 6" (10.2 cm x 15.4 cm)
professionally printed by Enigma Emporium

all postcards ship in a sturdy cardboard flat mailer

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