Snail Mail Charm Bracelet

  • $20.00

*NOTE: athese braclets were prepared for a wholesale order that fell through.  They are not on cards for display - they will come in a small plastic bag instead.

The perfect gift for any postcard or letter writer! These unique mail / postal themed charm bracelets have the perfect jingle to attract attention and start conversations. Add some nostalgic flair for postcrossing meet-ups, letter-writing socials, or trips to the post office (what mail clerk wouldn't smile at your dedication?)

1 snail mail-themed charm bracelet
Charms included:
* Mr. Zip mailman
* love letter
* pigeon with letter
* feather quill pen with ink bottle
* I Love You postcard
* UK Queen postage stamp
* globe (which actually turns!)
* airmail airplane
* US mail box
* typewriter

Bracelets and charms are silver toned

Due to weight and bulk, bracelets will not be shipped in flat cardboard mailers with postcards to prevent damage.