Grab Bag of 50 non-location specific unused postcards

  • $15.00

Only 4 left!

This is a grab bag of postcards that are non-location specific - i.e. art, illustrations, humor, animals, people, flowers, etc. All postcards that can be mailed from anywhere!

* 50 assorted postcards * They are all unused - there are no postcards that are written on or stamped in these lots. (Sometimes dealers write prices in pencil on the backs of postcards - I try not to include these but some may slip in) * Cards will be randomly chosen and may include: nature, art, people, animals, new, vintage, and etc. * They are all unused. * They include mostly color cards, but may include some black & white. * They will be of various sizes and may include linen, scalloped edge, bordered, or continental. * There are no duplicates within each lot of 50 cards. However, if you purchase multiple lots there may be more duplicates, but no more than two of each. *
postcards are unused, but not necessarily brand new - some may be vintage
postcards are various sizes
ready to be framed, mailed, or used in a journal or scrapbook
all postcards ship in a sturdy cardboard flat mailer

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