What size are your postcards?
It depends.  Max & Co Post postcards are all standard 4" x 6" or 10.2 cm x 15.4 cm. Other postcards vary, so check the description for each product.  

What is the quality of Max & Co Post postcards?
Max & Co Post postcards are professionally printed on 15 pt. cardstock with a glossy coating on the front.  The back has a semi-matte finish that makes it more acceptable to a variety of inks.  In comparison, MOO postcards are 17 pt. (only slightly heavier) and Zazzle is about 9.5 pt (much lighter).

How will my order be packaged for shipping?
Your postcards will be wrapped in recycled paper to prevent bumped corners and scratches during shipping.  Then, it will be placed in a sturdy cardboard mailer or cardboard box to further protect it during it's journey to you.

How often do you get new designs?
I get new designs every week.  However it may take a while for me to list the new products since I am a one-person operation.  If you would like to send me a message to find out when new products will be listed, I would love to hear from you.  You can also follow my facebook and/or instagram feeds as I often post photos there.

I love Nouvelles Images postcards - when will you get more?
Nouvelles Images went out of business. The postcards I have listed are the last available. I will not be able to purchase anymore wholesale.

I love Lantern Press postcards - when will you get more?
I order Lantern Press postcards several times a year.  If you are looking for particular designs, send me a message and I will take that into consideration when placing my next order.  I try to order a wide range of designs that will appeal to all of my customers here in the USA and also internationally.

Can I purchase your postcards in stores?
At this time, there is one store that carries Max & Co Post postcards:
The Handmade Showroom at Pacific Place
600 Pine Street, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101